Another article caught my attention today and it’s because of the title ‘The Fourth Trimester’..This is a term that I relate to Postpartum help and why mothers need it and need a feeling of being ‘taken care of’ just like their new baby does..

A lot of new parents ask these questions:

“My baby is only happy in my arms, the minute I put her down she cries”

“He sleeps really well but only when he’s laying on my chest, he hates his moses basket”

“She cries every time we lay her on her play mat”

“He hates going in his pram, he cries the second we put him in it”.

And sometimes when you understand why a baby acts that way-you can start to relax and know that it’s nothing personal-they just love to be in our arms, on our chest, carried around as much as possible..

Everyone wants to get back to a ‘normal schedule’ and get their babies on a schedule ..and that once everyone is following that ‘schedule’ the house will be happy and calm ..but what if your baby doesn’t adapt as easily as that-everyone is frustrated and not feeling all that happy. Go back to some old fashioned tricks/tips like babywearing/swaddling/skin to skin contact vs. the bouncy seat/swing/activity playmat..and call your local Postpartum Doula-they can help you out too!

Here’s the whole article:

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